What Girls Are Looking For

ImageThere are six reasons a girl will date a guy and if you can fulfill her needs in any of these areas you will stand a very good chance with nearly any good-looking woman. A woman will consider dating a man if he can instill one of the following:

1) If she has fun with him.

2) If she is entertained by him.

3) If she feels safe with him.

4) If she thinks she has something to gain by being with him.

5) If her mind is stimulated by him.

6) If she is sexually attracted to him.

Try to fulfill as many of these needs as possible with women. It is very easy to do this. Have a very good sense of humor and she will have fun. Take her to some fun places such as an amusement park etc. This will also entertain her. Talk about world problems with her sometimes and let her know you read more than comics. Always act at ease with women and be nice and romantic and you will be very attractive to them. A woman will always enjoy being with you if you can satisfy the above six needs and now you will be able to. Good luck.


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