Top 20 Ways To Send Love Letters

1. Stuff your love letter into aImage

bottle and cork the top.D

raw a hot bubble bath for your lover and float the bottle in the tub.

2. Mail your lover a lov

e letter at their office to brighten their day.

3. Paste your love letter inside the kitchen cupboard. Next time they go to get a glass or a bowl, they’ll be reminded of your love.

4. Even if you live together, send your lover a love letter in the mail. Everyone loves to receive a real personal letter in the mail.

5. Decorate the envelope that contains your love letter with drawings or stickers of hearts, cupids and flowers.

6. Stash a love letter in your lover’s glove compartment along with some mints and tell them you put a surprise in their car.

7. Print your love letter out on home-made stationary that has pictures of the two of you all around the border.

8. Create stationary cards that have matchbook covers glued on from your favorite restaurants. This love letter could reference how much you enjoy your romantic dining adventures.

9. Create a scavenger hunt of love letters. On the envelope of each one, give a clue for inding the next one.

10. Make a book out of your love letters. Whether you use construction paper or a binding machine, giving a full assortment of love letters will capture their heart. Be sure to include a table of contents so they’ll know just where to look for a little pick me up.

11. Declare next week love letter week and send your lover a letter for each day.

12. Send your lover a Valentine’s love letter on August 14th. That’s six months before and after Valentine’s Day.

13. Write your lover a love note on a blank check inside their check book.

14. Give your lover a tin of mints and replace the paper lining with a love letter. You could mention that you can’t wait to kiss!

15. Leave a love letter inside the box of laundry detergent to make the washing less of a chore.

16. In the middle of the night, tape your love letter inside the bedroom window. In the morning ask her to open the blinds for a big surprise.

17. Stuff your love letter inside his winter gloves. Sure to warm his heart.

18. Celebrate your love on the 14th of every month with a love letter.

19. Tape a love letter to the ceiling over the bed. Let your lover discover it when they awaken.

20. If you’re lover’s staying overnight at a hotel, fax a love letter so they’ll get it when they check in. There’s nothing better to make your lover feel the warmth of your touch when all alone on the road.


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