Most Romantic, Unique and Fun Dating Ideas

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Most of the dates in this book are low on the budget, costing less than $20. Be mindful, not all of these ideas will work for you. We are all unique in our own special way. Find the ones that will work and adapt them to your particular style and situation. Let this book inspire you to create your own exciting dates.

Pick a Date

Write down a list of possible date ideas such as dinner at a certain restaurant, a visit to the Planetarium, a day at the zoo, etc. Go take photographs of the places or collect their brochures.

Once you have developed your film and have all your brochures together, put items from each date idea in separate envelopes. If all the dates take about the same amount of time, pick up your date and tell them that each envelope is a different date. Once they chose an envelope, you will let them open it and the date will begin.

If the various dates would occur at different times of the day or require different kinds of dress, let your date pick out the envelope a few days or a week in advance so the proper arrangements can be made.

If the date goes well, tell him or her that you have other envelopes that need opening and you hope he or she might be interested in another date.

Strike a Pose

If you are seeing someone you have gotten close to and would like to have his or her photo to display, go on a modeling date.

Go to a picturesque location such as a park, natural area, botanical gardens or even downtown sidewalks. Bring your camera loaded with film or purchase a disposable one if necessary. Then spend the morning or afternoon taking snapshots of your date. If you want you can take turns photographing each other and maybe have a stranger take some photographs of the two of you together.

Take the film to a one-hour processing place and have lunch or a snack while you are waiting. If you ordered doubles, you can split up the photographs and begin enjoying the memory of the day spent together. If you planned ahead of time you can even present your date with a wrapped gift (a picture frame) at the end of the date.

Favorite Date

If you are interested in taking your date out to his or her favorite restaurant or you wanted to rent one of his or her favorite movies, you need to know what those are.

During one of your dates, give your darling a sheet of paper and a pen. Call out 10 or 20 categories for each of you to list your top 3-5 favorites. Suggestions would be restaurants, movies, musical artists, meals, television shows, books, and so one. Be sure to list categories that would have relevance to your relationship – for example if you knew one of their favorite musical groups was coming to town, you could purchase tickets for an upcoming date.

After you finish your lists, compare notes and see if you have any favorites in common.

A Great Pick Up

Even if you are having an ordinary date, you can make it creative by your choice of transportation. You don’t need a limousine to impress your date. Try picking her or him up on horseback, with a moped or having a motorcycle with sidecar.

If you won’t be going far you might consider renting a tandem bike or a golf cart. How about a scooter or roller blades?

Piece of Pizza

Sometimes the best dates happen at home. If you and your partner enjoy puttering around in the kitchen, you might consider having a pizza night. Making your own pizza can be quite an art.

Ask your date in advance if he or she likes pizza and what toppings. He or she will probably assume your will be having the pizza delivered.

Have all the ingredients on hand and over a glass of Chianti or some other beverage with your date, make the dough and sauce from scratch and each of you put together your own personal creation. You might even have some more unusual ingredients to try like baby corn, artichoke hearts, capers, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese. Or try out lamb and mint sauce.

Have some good Italian music playing in the background and when done, enjoy your pizza over candlelight.


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