How To Get Girls To Pick You Up


You have probably heard this a hundred times. To have women pick you up you should go where all the women are. Well, it works and I’m going to tell you how to make it work and how to be where all the women are.

About six months ago my sister wanted me to take an aerobics class with her. I am basically lazy so I told her I really didn’t want to because I would have to work too hard and besides it would be filled with women. She told me that it would more of a reason to take because I’m always looking for a place to meet women to mention in my books. So I took it.

The first day of the course came and when I walked into the class there were 15 women and me. My sister was number 15. I was so nervous and did everything the exact opposite of what the instructor said. It turned out that many of the women though it was cute and told my sister I really seemed like a nice guy. When the class was over I had six women wanting to date me. I had the best ten weeks of my life. What fun!

Take an opposite sex class at your local college or take an aerobic or exercise class. Don’t laugh. It really works. Remember if you are the only guy in a class you will be very desired and wanted. Hardly any competition. Take a dance class, any dance class, ballroom dancing, popular dancing, jazz dancing, etc. Not only will the girls be interested in you but you will be able to hold them in your arms and all of them will want to dance with you.

Now I’m going to tell you how I will help you get girls to pick you up. Take a notebook or laptop with you to the mall or restaurant or wherever there are a lot of women. Approach a lot of women and tell you are helping your friend do research for his / her project and you would like to know how a nice guy can meet a nice woman. They will offer all kinds of advice, and in the meantime, a lot of these girls will want to get to know you because you will be asking their advice. They will respect this. One of my customers met at least a dozen girls this way and also gave me some good ideas. So try it.

So go wherever there are a lot of women and as few man as possible and you will be surprised how easy it will be for women to show interest in you.


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